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All About Invisalign®:

Invisalign®, the Modern Alternative; Straighten Teeth Without Metal Braces

At Beam Orthodontics, we are happy to provide Invisalign to our patients. We found it to be as effective as the metal braces, but discreet and easy to use. Not only are they comfortable and straighten your teeth, but you don’t have to worry about wires or brackets breaking or getting loose. Additionally, they are practically invisible so no one will know you have them on. Using Invisalign means receiving a series of aligners to help correct your teeth to become straight. Getting rid of gaps, crowded teeth, overbites, underbites, and even crossbites. The best thing about them is that there are no restrictions. You can eat whatever you desire by just removing your Invisalign before eating, and is easy to clean, nothing will get stuck unlike the metal braces. To see if Invisalign® is right for you, schedule your initial consultation with us today!

How is Invisalign® Different from Braces?

For starters, they are more comfortable than traditional braces. No more irritated gums from the metal wires poking you every time you eat. Invisalign is custom made for you and only you. They are easy to put on and easy to remove. Because Invisalign are removable they never disrupt your diet, oral hygiene, or lifestyle. In most cases it has been said that they can straighten your teeth faster than traditional braces. Contact us today for more information on Invisalign.

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See What Invisalign® Can Do for You!

Check out our Smileview simulator tool, to instantly see what you may look like after getting Invisalign treatment. Using your mobile device, click on the “See Your New Smile” button, and within seconds you can see the before and after pictures.

Invisalign Teen Houston

The future of Braces is here: Invisalign Teen® is Perfect for Busy Teenagers

Having to go through high school is hard as it is already, so why suffer with traditional metal braces when you can continue your lifestyle using Invisalign. Teenagers have sports, events, and school to focus on, and having to make sure they brush after every meal just isn’t ideal. With such a busy lifestyle a teenager has, Invisalign is specifically made for them. Making it the perfect orthodontic treatment for young adults. Benefits of Invisalign Teen® include:

  • Continuing to live the lifestyle you have now without having to worry.
  • No more pain from wires or losing brackets, less visits to the orthodontist.
  • Easy removable aligners that come with a blue dot to indicate when it is time to switch to a new set.

Now we know just how busy the life of a teenager can be, and it’s easy to break or even lose things. Which is why we decided to give an extra six free replacement aligners.  Contact us today to get started on your yearbook look with a straighter and healthier smile!

Just need a Quick Fix? Try our Invisalign Express®

For patients with minor orthodontic problems like slight tooth gaps or crowding, this is the perfect solution for you. We will provide you with 10 or fewer alignments that are to be worn for two weeks each. It is also a much more affordable option compared to receiving a full service by an orthodontic to move your teeth. Here are some actual results of patients who completed the Invisalign Express® treatment.

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