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Advance treatment plans for Teens

At Beam Orthodontics, we know that life as teenagers your smile becomes a huge part of your life. With so much to worry about like yearbook photos, school dances, or even big games we got you covered.  Teenagers spend a majority of their time at the orthodontics office, which is why we are located in Houston & Sugar Land. So we make sure their teeth are completely straight or getting fixed due to a sports related injury. Due to our advanced technology we now have so many options to offer when it comes to braces. After a clinical exam and oral scans, we can set up a treatment plan that works for you.

What we have to offer

When it comes to straightening your teeth, at Beam Orthodontics we have several options to choose from. For most teens metal braces are inconvenient or uncomfortable. So to make it easier for teens today we offer  “clear braces” and Invisalign Teen®. With these options no teen is limited to what you can and cannot do or eat. As teenagers we love to have popcorn, pizza, and more. With  “clear braces” and Invisalign Teen®, we customize them for you so you can continue to do what you love most. Like playing an instrument, swimming a 50 meter race, or headbutting a soccer ball. 

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