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Orthodontic Treatment plan for children in the Houston & Sugar Land area. 

At Beam Orthodontics in Houston & Sugar Land Texas, it is important to bring your child in for their first visit at the age of 7. Children can inherit health problems without even knowing. At Beam we provide both clinical examinations & oral scans to get an understanding of your children’s teeth. Since babies are accustomed to thumb sucking, that can do a lot of damage to your children like teeth crowding. Delay or even early loss of baby teeth can cause injury to the mouth. We can treat these issues right away and make it easier for their adult teeth to grow into place. Seven is the recommended age by the American Association of Orthodontics. It is important to have your child’s teeth checked early to make sure their baby teeth are removed by the age of 13. This is to allow their adult teeth to grow into place and avoid any future problem such as a narrow upper jaw or an underbite. 

Early Treatment

For children who do not need immediate treatment. My Beam Smile Orthodontics has created an easy treatment plan to follow for the future. If your child is between 7 & 8 please schedule your free consultation today!

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