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Treatment for Adults in Houston & Sugar Land

At Beam Orthodontics we know you have a busy schedule. That is why we are here to help you keep that natural smile for as long as possible. As an adult it is never too late to care for your oral health, and to get the smile of your dreams. Since time is limited to an adult we offer plenty of solutions to get you started on the path to a bright smile. We also don’t only focus on your smile alone, but we look after your whole health. Our orthodontists in Houston & Sugar Land offer a clinical examination and oral scans to see what treatment is best for you. Having the smile of your dreams not only improves your appearance, but also gives you a boost of confidence. This boost of self esteem will help you at work, on a date, or in wedding photos!

Your Options

When it comes to caring for your teeth some options we offer to adults are Invisalign® or “clear braces” ( ceramic, tooth-colored braces). We find these options to not only be effective, but comfortable and easy to manage. Having straight teeth can help reduce tooth decay, bone/gum disease and more. Having an improper jaw bite can cause headaches, TMJ/TMD pain, and even difficulty speaking. So call us today and schedule your free consultation today!

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