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Clear Braces at Beam Orthodontics: Houston & Sugar Land

What are clear braces? Well they are ceramic braces. Being “tooth colored” they are discrete and easy to wear. Clear braces are common for teenagers and adults. With clear braces it will not disrupt your oral hygiene or eating habits. These clear braces will make you feeling confident and beautiful all day every day.

How do Clear Braces Work?

Because clear braces work the same as a regular braces, we make it easy for you. How it works is we would put a clear or tooth colored bracket unto each tooth. Then with an arched wire we would connect the wire with every clear or tooth colored brackets. Like regular braces, this will help your teeth move into place for straight and beautiful teeth. Another bonus of having clear braces is that because it is so advanced, it is also known as “self-ligation.” Meaning, the clear brackets can hold the wire on their own without the need for colored rubber bands. The clear brackets come with a door, clip, or gate to keep it intact. Not having rubber bands will also help to prevent you from having stains. Something metal braces do, they would pick up pigments of color from food and drinks over time. Metal braces also have a tendency of getting food stuck, making you have to clean them often. Clear braces are the better option and better for your oral hygiene.

Why choose Beam Smile Orthodontics for Clear Braces?

At Beam smile Orthodontics, clear braces is one of the many treatments we specialize in. With the “self-ligation” technology we have offered this option to many of our patients. And they always leave with the straight and beautiful smile they have always dreamt of.
If you think this option is right for you, call us today and let us get started on your journey to beautiful straight teeth today!

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