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3D Dental Imaging

At Beam Orthodontics, we provide our patients with their very own set of x-ray scans to get a decent look and understanding of their teeth. This would be part of your clinical examination.  Now with a CT and CAT scan, we are able to get a 3D print and give you a better image and diagnosis to find you the best treatment that fits your needs. We are able to not only view the anatomy of the patient’s teeth but also the jawline, nerves, and muscles around the area. The CT scans is also a lot safer to use because it give’s off less radiation. This means our patient’s aren’t exposed as much when getting the results we need.

While many Houston & Sugar Land dentists and orthodontists have only very recently begun to utilize CT images (or do not use them at all), at Beam Orthodontics we have read hundreds of CT images, giving us extensive experience in this area.

In the event that one of our orthodontists asks you to receive a CT scan, we work closely with several imaging offices nearby and we are happy to refer you to the nearest location from you.

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