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Accelerated Osteogenic Orthodontics

At Beam Orthodontics, we offer a technique to fully grown adults that shortens treatment time by 50-75%. This combines either braces or Invisalign with a minor periodontal procedure. Instead of having 18-30 months of treatment, we can cut it down to just 6-9 months.

Not all orthodontics and dentists will recommend this option, only because after wearing your braces for six months not only will your teeth will look straight, but it won’t necessarily mean your full bite has been fixed. Some will even say that extensive enamel removal from your teeth is needed for faster removal. Most of the time this technique is marketed at dentist offices rather than by orthodontic specialists. It is important you seek a professional orthodontics specialist to perform this procedure, because if done incorrectly you may be left with a terrible bite.

Here at Beam Orthodontics in Houston & Sugar Land, we are pleased to offer the periodontal procedure utilized to help you straighten your teeth faster. We believe this is effective because it allows your teeth to move freely on their own and move 3-4 times faster which is healthier in the long run.

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